What is power tool racing?
A shockingly fun and entertaining, action packed sport in which anybody can participate. Power tool racing is a great opportunity to play with design, include family members of all ages in the fun, and to be creative.

How do I enter?
Follow the directions on this form.

What are the rules?
Please see Official Rules.

What type of Power Tool do I use to make my racer?
Racers build cars using hand held power tool that were originally used in construction, yard work, or the kitchen for their engine. They must be powered by 120 electrical power to race in our races. No battery powered or gas engines allowed. No remote control cars allowed.

Can I use more than one tool in my racer?

What is the race format?
Drag race. Two cars race side by side on a straight track.

How does it work?
The drag cars race down two parallel plywood tracks. They are plugged into long extension cords, provided at the venue, controlled by the drivers with a switch.  The racers are set on start line. Drivers attach power cords then take their places at their switches. The start line official checks for race readiness. When all is clear and ready to race, the official will power up the switches for the drivers then he will give the start sign to the flag girl perched upon her platform. The flag girl will then start the race with the drop of her flags. The cars race down the track. The first to cross the finish line is declared the winner.

What if my racer is not very fast?
Don’t fear. Awards will be given for artistic merit and design uniqueness. So go crazy and impress us with your creative decoration. Feel free to come in costume. The real goal is to have fun with your racer!

How are dragsters classed?
Cars are grouped into classes depending on the modification to the tool and amount of tools used to power the car.  Race officials have final say on race day classification.

How is the race organized?
Races will be conducted using a double elimination bracket. Challenge races allowed if time permits.



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